The D.lgs 196 of 30th June 2003 ("Testo Unico in materia di protezione dei dati personali") prescribes that persons and other subjects have to be safeguarded with regard to the treatment of their personal data. Complying with the above-mentioned T.U. , this treatment will be executed according the principles of honesty, lawfulness and transparency, safeguard of your privacy and your rights. In compliance with the dispositions of Art. 13, D.lgs 193/03: The treatment of the data aims to the collection of all necessary information for the accomplishments mentioned in the norms about treatment of personal data in force. It can be directed to fulfillment of the goals of information, commercial promotion and evaluation of the quality of the services. The treatment of the personal data, realized by electronic devices, will be executed through operations like collecting; registration and organization of the data; consultation, utilization, elaboration and interconnection of the data; conservation and modification; block, cancellation and destruction of the data. The data nor will be communicated to other subjects, neither will be divulged.Every time you will be entitled to exert your rights towards the holder of the right to manage the data, according art. 7, D.lgs. 196/2001